Spare Parts Support

At Ausee Machines & Tools, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive spare parts support exclusively for SIEG branded machines. Whether you purchased your machine directly from us or through one of our authorized SIEG dealerships, we are here to ensure you have access to the parts you need.

How to Find Spare Parts

To find spare parts for your SIEG machine, please visit our "Machine Spares" section and select your specific machine model. If you cannot locate your machine in this section, it typically means we do not support that particular model at this time.

Ordering Spare Parts We Don't Stock

If your machine is not listed, please refer to your instruction manual to identify the part number and part description of the required components. Send this information, along with the required quantity, to our email (  Our team will respond promptly with a quote. Even if we do not currently support a particular model, we are still able to order the necessary parts from SIEG for you.

Delivery Options

If we do not have a particular part in stock at our Melbourne warehouse, we will place an order with SIEG. You have two delivery options:

  • Air Shipping: Typically takes 2-4 weeks.
  • Sea Freight: Typically takes about 2 months.

Spare Parts for Other Machines and Tools

If you are looking for spare parts for other machines or tools we sell, spare parts are usually listed with the product. Please go to the page for the particular product you are interested in to find the spare parts you need.

We are committed to providing you with the parts you need to keep your SIEG machines operating efficiently. For any assistance or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.