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5C to ER32 Collet Adaptor
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This clever little adaptor will enable you to use ER32 collets in your existing 5C fixtures. The adaptor has 5C standard 1.05"x24tpi internal, and 1.230"x20tpi external drawbar threads and a 1" internal bore up to the back of the ER32 taper.
Because the adaptor has a collet chuck on the nose, it can only be locked into drawbar type fixtures such as:
  • 5C Collet Fixture Type C
  • 5C Collet Block Set
  • 5C Indexing Heads not already fitted with and ER32 nut and adaptor.
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5C to ER32 Collet Adaptor
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5C to ER32 Collet Adaptor
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